About Us

NCNW is a voluntary non-profit [501(c)3] membership organization with the mission to advance the opportunities and the quality of life for African American women, and other minority women their families and communities.

The St. Petersburg Metropolitan Section (SPMS) has kept the momentum, fulfilling the vision and mission while providing services and building partnerships with others in their community. Our mission is to advance programs that provide the quality of life for women and young girls of color. Members have opportunities to represent NCNW as a volunteer in matters to advance the quality of life for families and your communities.

Purpose: The National Council of Negro Women, Inc. is an organization of organizations that promotes empowerment and unity among black women and other women in matters affecting the educational, cultural, ecomonic, social and spiritual life of people.

For 77 years, SPMS has represented the interests of black women in the community, energized by concerned individuals.