SPMS Officers

Our President Thelma Bruce

Thelma Bruce

As we come near the close of the current fiscal year and look forward to the beginning of another, I must again say “I AM SO EXCITED”. The past three years have been phenomenal; filled with repeated and frequently unexpected BLESSINGS. There were numerous monetary donations to the Section with the most prominent being the $65,000.00 scholarship given by a private family foundation.

Three goals were set forth in October 2016:
(1) significantly increase membership
(2) increase community outreach programs
(3) increase community awareness of NCNW as a whole and St. Petersburg Metropolitan Section in particular.

I am certain we can say those goals have been met. As we venture into another exciting year, let’s stand together on one accord with the common goal of fulfilling the mission of NCNW and making a positive impact upon our community.

Yours in Service,

Executive Committee