Women’s History Month – “Recognizing our SPMS Educators”

Congratulations to our SPMS Educators for impacting the growth of our familes and communities. Our educators – some retired and some actively teaching through their contributions and commitment to educate and empower others.
Watch the video – https://zcu.io/uCOv

May be a cartoon of one or more people and text that says 'ncnw St. Petersburg Metropolitan Section EDUCATOR Celebrating Women's History Month WOMEN'S HISTORY be brave be bold Be Fearless Thank you for joining us to recognize and appreciate our awesome SPMS Educators who chose to dedicate their careers to educating others!'
Featured SPMS Educators – watch the previous videos:
Monday –  zcu.io/djFF
Tuesday – zcu.io/78Rr
Wednesday – zcu.io/2XLw
Thursday – zcu.io/yp3C
Friday – zcu.io/yafM